The company focus has been on innovation, growth and expansion with single-minded dedication to the highest quality and standards for its first hotel acquisition in 2011. Oceanic employs an effective and a disciplined approach to asset choice, and targets investments for assets that are under-serviced or overlooked with significant value-add opportunities. The assets revenue potential is realized through product and brand enhancement. This includes capital improvements, creativity and re-configurations that will rightly position asset in the marketplace. Oceanic invests in budget to luxury hotels; service levels are full-service, limited service, and all- suites; and locations include urban, suburban, airport, and resorts mainly in the USA. With over 25 years of combined experience, our managing principals have successfully completed acquiring seven hotels in the last 18 months with a total cost of nearly $16 million.

Our portfolio is further discussed under Case Studies

Our Advantage

Our capacity, reputation, and successful track record support acquisitions and offer key advantages to pursue:

  • Extensive industry relationships and network often present us the opportunities for targeting, sourcing, and accomplishing investments before their release to the general marketplace;
  • Expertise in hotel operations, finance and services;
  • Experienced in dealing with the complexities of deals, negotiation, and risks, as well as legal implications and tax issues;
  • Draw unique marketplace insights and perspectives in valuation of assets through proprietary tools and technologies;
  • Adept at developing and implementing strategic plans to maximize income streams and increase real estate potential for each of our hotels in the portfolio.



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